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The Board of Directors of the Omani Society for Intellectual Property decides to establish three committees to enhance the Society’s work

The Board of Directors of the Omani Intellectual Property Society held its first meeting after being recommended by the recently held General Assembly, through the visual communication program, Zoom, and Dr. Ali bin Khamis Al-Alawi, Chairman of the Society, opened the meeting, welcoming the attendees, congratulating them on the holy month, and calling on the members to cooperate and work positively. In a single spirit of the association’s success in achieving its goals, this was followed by a review of the meeting’s agenda, which included the selection of the association’s president, vice president, treasurer and secretary, in addition to discussing the proposal for the board committees ’proposal, discussing the association’s future partnerships, and discussing membership fees in the association. The meeting resulted in the recommendation of Dr. Ali bin Khamis Al-Alawi, president of the association, Sheikh Abdul Wahhab bin Nasser Al-Mandhari, vice-president, and Mr. Mustafa bin Ahmed Salman, treasurer, and Professor Ghalia bint Amer Al-Muqariya as secretary. Regarding the proposed perception of the association’s committees, the council decided The allocation of only three committees that report directly to the Vice President and follow up and supervise them, namely: the Technical Committee, the Media Committee, and the Membership Committee. The Council also examined the agreements and partnerships held by the Assembly, and the Council decided to proceed with completing future partnerships with the parties with which negotiations began, and the Council addressed The membership and fees clause, and it was decided to drop the calculation of fees for members who failed to pay the fees for the years 2019 and 2020, taking into account the circumstances of the pandemic. On April 26 of each year, and be informed of the ongoing preparations with the competent authorities.